S02 Ep. 1 – Hidden Figures and Moonlight

Welcome to season 2 of The Pop Cult Podcast! Thanks so much to those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning, and welcome to any new listeners out there. We have big plans for the second year of the podcast, including doubling down on talk about diversity, feminism, and story in all of the pop culture we love. The first episode of this season is a nice showcase of those things that we really do love speaking about. We’re talking about Hidden Figures and Moonlight, two Oscar-nominated films that we think you should seek out. The spoilers for this episode are minimal, as neither of these films has a spoiler-able plot, but we do talk in detail about both, so keep that in mind if you are a purist.

Hidden Figures Taraji P Henson

Hidden Figures is up for discussion first, and both Jeffrey Bryan and I loved it. This movie was kind of perfectly designed to make me love it. It’s a period piece about black lady scientists who break through racist systems and institutions while eating barbecue and drinking homemade hooch (and wearing 60s business clothing and HATS). This is everything I love in the world. It’s based on a book by Margot Lee Shetterly about three of the women who made huge contributions to the NASA space program that (white, male) history has not acknowledged in a significant way (until recently).

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Ep. 18 – Baseball is Weird

This week we’re talking about sports (YAY!), and specifically, we’re talking about baseball. That’s right, America’s (dullest) pastime. The World Series is happening right now, and the Chicago Cubs are trying to overcome a crazy-long drought. They haven’t won since 1908, which is rather nuts. We didn’t even have Facebook in 1908!! Jeff and I […]

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Peggy Carter’s Avengers

There are so many reasons to be upset about the loss of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Maybe you really liked the way the show handled its characters’ post-war trauma and wanted to see where that would go. Maybe you were captivated by the budding romance between Peggy and that-guy-who-isn’t-Captain-America. Or maybe you appreciated the lessons on […]

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