Friday Link Roundup – Tony Awards Edition

Tony Awards

This Sunday is the 70th annual Tony Awards and we couldn’t be more excited. The Tonys are often described as the most entertaining awards show to watch. The Oscars have their pomp and prestige and it’s always fun seeing actors get drunk at the Golden Globes but there’s really nothing like watching trained theatrical performers who are on stage eight times a week perform in front of a live audience. The actors are so comfortable on stage that often even the acceptance speeches are better. We can’t wait!

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Battle Royale: Into the Woods

PBS v. Disney, Peters v. Streep, Gleason v. Blunt. We’ve all been clamouring for it. Which performance of Into the Woods songs is the best? I’m comparing the PBS American Playhouse version, which included most of the original Broadway cast and aired on PBS in 1991, with the 2014 film adaptation. The PBS version is […]

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