Ep. 7 – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend got us talking about what an outstanding first season this unique musical comedy has had, and we wanted to share the show with you. Spoilers for the first season are contained within, but this isn’t a show where knowing certain plot points will compromise your viewing of the show. We start by discussing the show’s portrayal of mental illness as a very real, constant part of its protagonist’s day-to-day life. pcr_lauren_pocast_crazy ex-girlfriend_drphil

We also tackle the music of the show, all of which deserves multiple listens and watches. The show’s creators (Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna) pulled off a truly impressive feat, bringing two to three original songs to each of the 18 episodes of this first season, referencing great musicals, specific pop music performances, and creating a full complement of outstanding songs. Here’s the great article Jeff mentioned where Bloom speaks specifically about how different songs in the show evolved during production. They even added to the grand tradition of Angry Solo Dances, and we saw fit to include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in our list of The 8 Best Angry Solo Dances of the Last 30 Years.

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