Ep. 12 – Ghostbusters

This week we’re thrilled to report that we saw and loved the new Ghostbusters movie from Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy. Spoilers for the movie are discussed in the podcast, so please go out and see it before listening if you want an unspoiled experience. In this episode, we talk about the new Ghostbusters movie, and the collaborations that Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy, and writer Katie Dippold have worked on in the past. Do yourself a favour and check out The Heat and especially Spy if you haven’t done so already. Jeff gives us a Harry Potter-style sorting of Melissa McCarthy’s characters in these films, because he’s great.

We touch briefly on Ghostbusters as a reboot, and why/if that matters at all here. I’m particularly thrilled that an all-female ghostbusting team took on a franchise that I only ever knew as a “boy movie” that I was uninterested in. We then talk about the four women in the cast, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, as well as the comedic performance turned in by Thor.

pcr_lauren_podcast_gb_holtzmaneffect Ghostbusters

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Friday Link Roundup – Ghostbusters Edition


It’s been two years since the all-female reboot of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters was announced and today the movie finally hits theatres. It’s the film that everyone’s got an opinion about and until today most of these opinions were completely based on speculation. Now that people are finally able to actually see the movie (and […]

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Peggy Carter’s Avengers

There are so many reasons to be upset about the loss of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Maybe you really liked the way the show handled its characters’ post-war trauma and wanted to see where that would go. Maybe you were captivated by the budding romance between Peggy and that-guy-who-isn’t-Captain-America. Or maybe you appreciated the lessons on […]

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How To Watch Old Musicals

Old Musicals Shipoopi

Classic musicals are pretty damn great. The music is moving, the lyrics are sharp, the dancing is impressive, and the costumes are swoon-worthy. Theatre is built on tradition and many (most?) of the great stories told there are retellings and adaptations of very old stories. This traditionalism adds a heaping dose of nostalgia to the […]

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