Ep. 16 – The 2016 Emmy Awards

This week, we’ve got a full hour on the 2016 Emmy Awards, and we’re pretty thrilled to be speaking about all the television we love so much. The ceremony will be broadcast on September 18, 2016 on ABC, and we are excited to see who takes home the big prizes (and many of the small prizes as well). If you want to hear more of our preliminary thoughts on the nominations (we did a segment on them back in our Ghostbusters episode) check that out here. In the first half of this episode, we talk a little about the function of the Emmys, especially in the glorious age of Peak TV that we are happy to be living in. We talk about the curious case of the Lauren Graham Rule and what it did (and didn’t do) for underdog nominees. Both Jeff and I have reservations about Jimmy Kimmel as this year’s host, and fingers are crossed that he will bring a different style of humour than that evidenced on either The Man Show, or Win Ben Stein’s Money, our super-current reference points for his work.

2016 Emmy Awards

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Ep. 13 – Rio Olympics

This week, we’re talking about the upcoming Summer Olympic Games taking place in Rio de Janerio, Brazil starting August 4, 2016. I love love love the Olympics, and I’m excited to share my view of them to you our listeners and to my co-co-founder and podcast buddy, Jeff, who would rather the Olympics didn’t exist. […]

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Sticking the Landing: The Definitive Ranking of the USA’s Olympic Gymnastics Leotards

Summer Olympics Rio

The Summer Olympics (the empirically better Olympics–sorry, biathlon) is just around the corner. There’s plenty of talk about the controversy, doping, athletic prowess, and super bacteria out there but I want to focus on my favourite part of the games: the costumes and hair. You know, sports stuff. Specifically, let’s take a close look at […]

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Friday Link Roundup – Ghostbusters Edition


It’s been two years since the all-female reboot of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters was announced and today the movie finally hits theatres. It’s the film that everyone’s got an opinion about and until today most of these opinions were completely based on speculation. Now that people are finally able to actually see the movie (and […]

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