About Us

The Pop Culture Reference was founded by good buds Jeffrey Bryan, Lauren Cheal, and Maxine Matishak in 2015. Here, we invite you to hang out with smart people who love TV, Movies, Books, Graphic Novels, and Sports.

Let us introduce you to pop culture that you need to consume, provide you with context for the media you love, and share with you things that we think more people should know about. We get worked up about leisure because stories matter to us—we spend our free time with popular art because we think it matters too.

JeffreyBryanJeffrey Bryan – Editor-in-chief

Jeffrey brings years of experience in book publishing and media to The Pop Culture Reference. If you have any questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars Expanded Universe (or really any fictional universe), you should ask him about it on Twitter @jlabryan. He loves science fiction and musicals in equal measure and can often be found ranting about one or the other. Jeffrey is currently obsessed with Star Wars (duh), Captain Marvel, and Orphan Black.


Lauren Cheal – Publisher

Lauren works in magazine publishing and previously ran the Ottawa-based arts and culture online magazine, (Cult)ure. She prides herself on making sports accessible to non-sporty types, and has a particularly strong knowledge of Hollywood dynasties. For more information about the Redgrave family tree, tweet her @laurencheal. She is currently obsessed with Jane the Virgin, Geena Davis (generally), and The Unfriendly Black Hotties podcast.



Maxine Matishak – Designer

Maxine is a killer graphic designer who created our logo and customized our website template, like a boss. Her pop cultural interests include Vampire-based YA properties, reality television, and internet memes. As you can see, she has outstanding taste. Maxine is currently obsessed with Jessica Jones, My Kitchen Rules – New Zealand, and anything with Zach Galifianakis.