Ep. 16 – The 2016 Emmy Awards

This week, we’ve got a full hour on the 2016 Emmy Awards, and we’re pretty thrilled to be speaking about all the television we love so much. The ceremony will be broadcast on September 18, 2016 on ABC, and we are excited to see who takes home the big prizes (and many of the small prizes as well). If you want to hear more of our preliminary thoughts on the nominations (we did a segment on them back in our Ghostbusters episode) check that out here. In the first half of this episode, we talk a little about the function of the Emmys, especially in the glorious age of Peak TV that we are happy to be living in. We talk about the curious case of the Lauren Graham Rule and what it did (and didn’t do) for underdog nominees. Both Jeff and I have reservations about Jimmy Kimmel as this year’s host, and fingers are crossed that he will bring a different style of humour than that evidenced on either The Man Show, or Win Ben Stein’s Money, our super-current reference points for his work.

2016 Emmy Awards

In the second half of our Emmy Awards podcast, we turn to a deep dive on this year’s nominees. The Limited Series nominations are usually things we haven’t seen, but that feature big time actors who are often in talks for an Oscar award as well. I dove into The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story particularly because of overwhelming buzz around Sarah Paulson’s performance as Marcia Clark (she doesn’t disappoint, though the series does). We have thoughts on Variety Talk Series, as you might expect. Jeff and I almost came to blows over the supporting actor in a comedy category—I’m in the tank for the glorious deadpan of Andre Braugher on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Jeff is firmly on team Tituss Burgess. Are we still friends? Tune in to the next episode to find out. Looking at the women nominated for acting, I’m still rooting for a Julia Louis-Dreyfus upset, even though I adore her performance this year. We wonder if Kate McKinnon will win the Emmy Award for Ghostbusters, the way Melissa McCarthy won for her work in Bridesmaids.

2016 Emmy Awards

We talk a little about the drama categories, and we learn that we don’t care about most of the work dudes are doing on television. If you are interested in what dudes are up to, please see all of culture, it has your answers. For lead actor, drama, lady category, the battle royale is on between the GREAT Tatiana Maslany and the TOTALLY BADASS Robin Wright. We are team Maslany (because COME ON), but concede that the talented Ms. Wright may take home the trophy.

2016 Emmy Awards

Outside of those major nominations, Jeff and I discuss some of the smaller awards. Many of these have now been awarded at the Creative Arts Emmy Ceremony which took place last weekend. We’re over the moon that RuPaul Charles won their first Emmy for RuPaul’s Drag Race, and that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend took home an Emmy Award for Choreography. Did you know that Beyoncé was nominated for 4 Emmys? If you are surprised to learn that she lost them all, and one of the big ones to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment, you aren’t alone. I’m on record as rooting for the Latin Lover Narrator (Anthony Mendes) from Jane the Virgin, and am now saddened to learn that neither he, nor any of the three men Jeff mentioned won. Our reigning narration overlord is Keith David, who is also great, but this is an outrage.


Jeff has thoughts about Outstanding Guest Actor Comedy, Lady version, and hopes to see Amy Poehler and Tina Fey take home a joint Emmy (they did!). For Drama, the Outstanding Guest Actor Drama, Lady version includes one of Laurie Metcalf’s impressive three nominations, along with Character Actress Margo Martindale, Carrie Preston, and Ellen Burstyn. Jeff and I would like to have a boozy lunch with all of these ladies at one time. Margo Martindale was the eventual winner, so she can treat. Here’s the article I mentioned about costume designer Terry Dresbach and her work in the “women’s ghetto.” Jeff also threatens to set the place on fire if Steven Universe doesn’t win, so please join me in keeping this bit of information from him.

2016 Emmy Awards

Kool-Aid Picks

Phew. Thanks for making it this far. For Kool-Aid picks this week, I’m into the Paralympic Games, because they are way cooler than the Olympic Games. I have nothing but respect for the work these athletes do, and many of them do so without the major funding that Olympians rely on. If you want a good inspiration-based cry, tune in while you still can. Here’s a great gallery of images to give you a taste of what you might expect to find at the Paralympic Games, and here is an intro to the sport of Sitting Volleyball. Crazy awesome.

Jeff has two flavours of Kool-aid this week, the first of which is the absolutely stellar fourth season of Orphan Black (see above for whether or not we have STRONG thoughts on Tatiana Maslany’s performance). On the other hand, he finally saw Suicide Squad and didn’t totally hate it. It inspired a viewing of Batman: Assault on Arkham which was super.pcr_lauren_podcast_emmys_assualtonarkham


I said that Louie Anderson was playing a trans woman on Baskets, but in fact he is a male actor playing a cis gender woman. I was very incorrect, my apologies.

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