Ep. 8 – Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War Diversity

This episode of The Pop Cult Podcast is all about Captain America: Civil War. We had so much to say that it’s our only major topic this week. Civil War is the 13th movie installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and we have THOUGHTS. Spoilers for the entire movie are contained within this episode, so wait until you’ve seen the movie before listening.

pcr_lauren_podcast_fightfightfight Civil War

We start by talking about the central conflict between Captain America, Iron Man, and The Winter Soldier (Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and James “Bucky” Barnes, respectively). We provide context for how the characters came to be on opposite sides of a Civil War, and for why their fight is of interest. We also touch on why Bucky is so important to Steve, and the moment Jeff describes from the comics is below. Steve’s just been unfrozen, and his first thought is of Bucky.

pcr_lauren_podcast_cap_panel1 Civil War

We branch out from those main characters into the supporting players by looking at the 3 (!) black characters in the film, Falcon, War Machine, and Black Panther (played by Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, and Chadwick Boseman). Here we’ve got two established characters kicking butt, and a brand new character in Black Panther that gets a quick (but effective) origin story, setting him up for his own solo movie that’s due out in 2018.

pcr_lauren_podcast_cap_blackwids Civil War

We also talk about the 3 (!) women in this movie, plus the memory of another and excitement builds for the possibility of a Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) solo film after her 5 supporting appearances in the MCU. Bonus points are awarded for running-off-a-motorcycle related awesomeness. Agent 13 (Sharon Carter, played by Emily VanCamp) gets to shine in an emotional speech that serves as a thematic centre of the film, (for the full comic panel that her speech is referencing, check out this link) and I am relieved we didn’t actually have to see Peggy Carter, because it would hurt too much. Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) also gets some narrative space in Captain America: Civil War, and we address her mutant origins and how freakin’ powerful she is.pcr_lauren_podcast_cap_scarlet_witch civil war

Vision in a V-neck sweater is up next on the agenda, along with the comic relief and audience surrogate roles filled to perfection by both Ant-Man and our new Spider-ling. After all that excitement, we drop in on some of the themes of the movie, including reconciliation, the impact of parents, consequences in general, and that old standby, with great power comes great responsibility. To sum up: this movie was great, and we think you will like it.

pcr_lauren_podcast_cap_arms2 Civil War
Somehow we didn’t talk about this, the best scene in the movie.

Kool-Aid Picks

Kool-Aid picks end the show, as usual, and I’m drinking in Geena Davis being a gender equality crusader through the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, her Bentonville Film Festival, and by being an idol of mine basically forever. Read the full Vulture article I mentioned here. She also has a great interview with Bullseye‘s Jesse Thorn in a recent episode. Superheroes take many forms.

Jeff’s Kool-Aid pick for the week is a new (to him) podcast, For Colored Nerds, and the specific episode they did on Nina Simone, which re-ignited an interest in her work. He also highly recommends the What Happened, Miss Simone documentary that’s available on Netflix–a direct line from Nina Simone’s song “Mississippi Goddam” to Beyoncé’s “Freedom” is drawn, so you’ll want to hear about that.pcr_lauren_podcast_cap_nina

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