Friday Link Roundup – Baseball Edition

The 2016 Major League Baseball season kicked off this week, and while baseball is among the most boring sports out there, it is undoubtedly a big part of summer sports culture. In fact, your very own The Pop Culture Reference Founders were bound together by their experiences on Vancouver’s hippest slo-pitch softball team (think Converse shoes and skinny jeans while playing). Since baseball is a fun part of the summer sport culture that we consume and partake in, we wanted to share some thoughts as the big league season gets underway. In case you missed it, you can check out my article on Why Baseball Players are So Fat Now as a starting point.

Link Roundup Baseball Jose Bautista

We’re from Canada, and that means we’re invested in the suddenly decent Toronto Blue Jays. There was an incident this week where these Blue Jays lost a game due to a violation of a new rule that was implemented because players were getting severely injured. There is a conservative streak that runs through sports commentary that is unsavoury at the best of times, and it is no surprise that a baseball commentator would exemplify it, as baseball is particularly prone to what I call “white old dude nonsense.” Short version: the commentator in question, Gregg Zaun, was incensed that the Blue Jays had this new rule correctly applied to their game. He suggested that this new rule was turning baseball into a “sissy” game, and the Blue Jays manager followed suit by asking if the players should “wear dresses” for their next game. This series of events offended me to my very core, and I wasn’t alone. This is such sexist nonsense. Because, like, women aren’t tough. Get it? The Blue Jays manager defended his statement saying, “It doesn’t offend my mother, my daughter, my wife, who have a great understanding of life. I do think the world needs to lighten up a little bit.” It’s just sad. The Blue Jays organization and Sportsnet (who broadcasted the game and who employ Gregg Zaun), need to do better, end of story.

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