An Easter Parade GIF Roundup

Easter Parade GIF

A very Happy Easter to all of our fans. As a gift to you, we present this Easter Parade GIF Roundup. For those unfamiliar with the film, it’s a 1948 Judy Garland and Fred Astaire musical about vaudeville, hats, and an old guy creepin’ on a young pretty woman (classic Hollywood!). Astaire was 49 when the movie premiered, and Garland was 26, and holy bleep, I’ve just learned that Astaire was born in the 1800s. 1899, but still. Old Hollywood problems aside, the movie is a delightful talent showcase for both lead actors, and also features the powerhouse dancing talents of one Ann Miller. Easter Parade is available to download on iTunes now.

And now, for posterity, it’s the Easter Parade GIF Roundup!

Easter Parade GIF Freddy

Easter Parade GIF bloopface
You should really watch the whole clip of this. It’s amazing.
Easter Parade GIF datbrownsuit
I want this brown suit dress thing. Like, real badly.

Easter Parade GIF thesetwo

 Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_damnfred
Jeez, Fred. Be a little less awesome. It’s unfair to mortals.
Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_datlavenderdress
Dat lavender skirt, tho.
Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_judyfeels
Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_val
You know Val from Broad City? Yeah, watch Easter Parade.
Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_awwfreddy
You should have known, because it’s Judy Garland, you idiot.

Easter Parade GIF tpcr_lauren_ughjudy

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