Friday Link Round Up – Agent Carter Edition

Agent Carter Edition

With your usual Friday Link Roundup mastermind away for the week, I’ve hijacked the spot to talk about something I love dearly. That would be Marvel’s Agent Carter. (Full disclosure: Jeff loves Agent Carter too, and he is the only reason I know it exists, so hijack is probably an overstatement). This show is strongly written, and the latest season’s costume and set design have been an utter delight. The finale of season 2 aired this week, and fans like us hope that we’ll see more of Agent Peggy Carter, Mr. Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, Howard Stark, Rose (!), and the otherwise intrigue-y world of the SSR in a yet-to-be-announced 3rd season. Read on for some great material all about Peggy and the gang. There are a few season 1 spoilers in the links below, but no season 2 spoilers of any kind until the very last link, which is marked. Join us in spreading the message to #RenewAgentCarter far and wide.pcr_lauren_LR_iknowmyvalue Agent Carter Edition


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