Friday Link Roundup – New TV Edition

New TV

It’s never been a better time to love television. Gone are the days of waiting for the leaves to start falling to see new seasons of your favourite shows. Looking back on those days, it’s hard to imagine how we even survived.

But now it’s 2016! We’ve reached and passed Peak TV and our cups are constantly runneth-ing over. For this week’s link roundup, we thought we’d collect trailers for some of the new television seasons that we’re most excited about:

  • Broad City may have returned on Wednesday but there’s still time to watch the trailer before jumping into the new season. FOURANDTHREEANDTWOANDONE
  • Fuller House’s new trailer proves you can go home again. I mean, going home again might suck but it’s apparently still possible.
  • This spring we not only have to watch Batman v. Superman and Captain America v. Iron Man, but also Francis v. Claire. Stop fighting mom and dad!
  • Have you ever seen a drag queen fly off a runway on roller skates? If not, perhaps the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is for you.
  • I couldn’t be happier that people keep giving Will Arnett television shows even if they don’t seem to make it very far. This one looks an awful lot like BoJack Horseman but it appears to take place in Hollywood instead of Hollywoo, so totally different?
  • The new Daredevil trailer sure makes season two look like it’s going to be a light romp.
  • This barely even counts as a trailer but every 10 seconds closer to the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is 10 fewer seconds we have to endure.pcr_jeff_LR_kimmy New TV
  • Season four of Orphan Black starts April 14th. We’ve got some new faces in this trailer (and also the same face over and over).
  • Speaking of faces, it seems like the Many-Faced God has been busy over on Game of Thrones. Season six begins April 24th.
  • April 24th is also the premiere date of HBO’s other show about people fighting over a crown: Veep.

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