Friday Link Roundup – Queen B Edition

Queen B

Just 24 hours before performing at the Super Bowl, Queen Bey released her new song “Formation.” This last week A LOT has been said about the song, her half-time performance, and new video, which features images of a young Black boy in a hoodie dancing in front of a row of cops in riot gear, a cop car sinking into a Hurricane Katrina-looking flood and the words “stop shooting us” spray-painted on a wall. While some people are confused as to why a Black artist would be so bold as to acknowledge her own race at a football game of all places, most people (ourselves included) are stoked that she’s singing (and of course dancing) about the racial state America has found itself in.

  • For a great summary of the song, video, performance and context in which it all resides, check out Naila Keleta-Mae’s stellar article “Get What’s Mine: ‘Formation’ Changes The Way We Listen to Beyoncé Forever”
  • Melissa Hillman penned an excellent article titled “White People: Shut Up About Beyoncé.” The title is, naturally, sensational but Melissa makes some great points about Black representation in the media and the importance of people like Beyoncé being able to tell their own stories and express their points of view.
  • The ever-popular Buzzfeed points out Bey’s one mistake from the half-time show but mostly just to prove how baller she is. You try doing this in heels!
  • One of B’s dancers at the Super Bowl posted this killer back stage photo that includes a dancer breast feeding. She slay.
  • We’re pretty sure no one is more excited about this new song than the good people at Red Lobster.
  • For a look at how Yonceé’s performance was influenced by the King of Pop, himself check out this article from Slate.
  • Slate also seems to have decided that it was up to them to be the dissenting voice on the political messages in the video. Shantrelle Lewis is more concerned about the appropriation of the Black Lives Matter movement for commercial gain.
  • And just for good measure, here’s a picture of Beyoncé dressed as Storm from the X-Men.

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