Friday Link Roundup – Super Bowl Edition

Super Bowl Edition

This Sunday, February 7th is the Super Bowl and in case you can’t tell, we’re very excited here at The Pop Culture Reference. Our resident sports expert, Lauren, has been spreading the good word of the game all week and helping non-fans appreciate the subtle nuances of football. My expectations are now so high that at this point I’m going to need Beyoncé to arrive by being shot out of a cannon before playing the last half of the game as the Carolina Panthers’ new running back.

We’re obviously not the only ones excited for the game this weekend. Here’s all the links you’ll need to be prepared for Super Bowl L:

  • If you’re heading to San Francisco for the game this weekend and for some reason still don’t have a place to stay, Gizmodo collected the worst Airbnbs still available.
  • The folks over at Bad Lip Reading have released two new videos putting words into the mouths of the NFL. Yes, Tom Brady, Disney World is in Florida.
  • The Onion ran a four part retrospective of the last 50 years of Super Bowls and it’s exactly as good as you’d expect. Highlights include 2009’s Super Bowl XLIII where “The American middle class soaked in one last Super Bowl.”
  • Still haven’t decided what high-calorie ode to American gluttony you’re serving this weekend? Lauren shared her recipe for Frito Pie on the site but if you happen to have 19 hexagonal dishes and a deep love of German board games, maybe consider making a Settlers of Catan Nacho Board from the excellently titled Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.
  • Also in eating-yourself-silly news, the NPR website posted the best beer pairings for your Super Bowl snack. (Side question: Is anticipatory indigestion a thing?)
  • io9 put out a quiz this morning that is sure to have you crying into your bean dip: Fictional Dystopia or the Super Bowl? We’re doomed.
  • Many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials have already been posted on YouTube but we choose to spend today thinking about this gem from 2004.
  • Back in November, Deadspin posted a spot-on article titled “Scared White People Are Running Out of Reasons To Hate Cam Newton.” Read this before Sunday and remind yourself of this time last year when we were having a similar conversation about Richard Sherman.
  • If you’re looking for more of a cuteness overload this weekend, maybe it would be best if you sat out this game and instead watched The Puppy Bowl.
  • And for a final dose of cuteness, watch NFL players do their daughter’s hair. Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute.

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