Pilot Episode! Super Bowl L

Welcome to our new podcast, the Pop Cult Podcast—you may notice that in the actual podcast we called it “The Pop Cult Leaders”. We already changed the name, because it’s a pilot and stuff changes. Cool? Cool.

In this pilot episode, we have Pop Cult Leader Lauren (me) spreading the word about my passion for NFL Football. Jeffrey is the game disciple, and I think you’ll hear that he affirms a previously held belief that angry dancing is the best kind of dancing. I lay out the basics for the big game this weekend, and also take us on a historical journey through Super Bowl Halftime Shows of yesteryear. It’s cooler than it sounds.

Here is the full GIF of Cam Newton’s aggression-diffusing dabbing that we talk about in the first segment.
pcr_lauren_podcast_dabbing Pilot Episode

Here are two other articles about football I’ve written this week (sorry about all of the overload, I promise it’s not all of what we do here at The Pop Culture Reference).

How to Watch Football If You Are Forced To Do So

How to Host a Killer Super Bowl Party 

Also, Joe Namath did wear those fur coats we talked about. The monkey thing wasn’t right. I got confused and was talking about this.

pcr_lauren_podcast_joenamath2 Pilot Episode pcr_lauren_podcast_joenamath Pilot Episode

In our second segment, we play the inaugural round of a game called “Wherefore Art Thou, Cameo”. A discussion of the great Mo Collins is involved.
pcr_lauren_podcast_mocollins Pilot Episode

And finally, we leave you with whose pop culture Kool-Aid we’re drinking this week. Jeffrey is super into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator and star Rachel Bloom, and this outstanding article about “The Twisted Comedy of Rachel Bloom” from Susan Dominus at New York Magazine.

Here’s the video we discussed for “The Sexy Getting Ready Song”(warning, this is an explicit version).

Lauren’s drinking Agent Carter Season 2 premiere Kool-Aid, and is specifically swooning over 1940s fashions for staunch women. I’ll take one of these dresses, please and thank you:

pcr_lauren_podcast_dressenvy Pilot Episode


Check back on February 18th for our next episode all about the Oscars!

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